Cruise Travel Insurance Story

Have you ever felt sorry for the innocent bystanders in an action film? crashes & explosions in the film such as Speed 2: Cruise Control can serve as a reminder that things can go wrong on holiday. Though on a cruise without the Hollywood fireworks, cruise travel insurance is a holiday essential to cover you when things don,t go to plan..

The main protagonists in Speed are Annie., played by Sandra & her policeman boyfriend Alex Jason Patrice.. Thay carried an ill fated cruises trip to the Caribbean,. on a boat called the Seaborne Legend. We first see Will em Dadoes character John Geiger when he complains that his golf clubs have not arrived. He is rightly upset by his lost luggage, but being an evil genius hell have been smart enough to ensure they were covered by his cruise travel insurance. It turns out the golf clubs are explosives that Geiger uses to disable the ships communications.

Using his computer expertise, Geiger plans to set the boat on a collision course with an oil tanker. The Seaborne Legend plays host to a diamond dealers association, so there are plenty of valuable goods on board for Geiger to steal. The diamond dealers will have special cover for their possessions, but what of the other characters?

Cover for Theft on Board

Theft is much a dangers on cruises it is anywhere else.., in this case when the passengers are forced to leave their valuables as they abandon ship. In real life, only the ones with proper cruise travel insurance will be covered for their losses.

3 filmmakers even to make a joke about cruise insurance for the innocent bystanders.. When Alex commandeers a boat from the hapless Tune Man, (the same guy that had his Jaguar smashed in the first Speed film) Tune Man looks disgruntled and mutters something about the insurance.. in this character at least,. the film acknowledges the costs and inconvenience involved in saving the day. It could serve as a rather unrealistic reminder that you should always take precautions with your valuables, and make sure your cruise travel insurance will cover the cost of damaged or stolen items.

What about a Medical Emergency?

Dragging your self in to a plane using a fishing rod and escaping a room rigged with explosives are not the usual entertainments offered on a cruise holidays.. As such, the risk from these extra activities would not have been covered by Alex and Annie cruise insurance.

one point to escape Geiger,. she is rescued in the nick of time, but it is worth bearing in mind that the medical facilities on most cruise ships are extremely limited. Annie might need to visit a hospital for a serious injury, so if she dint have cruise travel insurance, shed be facing a bill for several thousand pounds for the helicopter.

Ending With a Bang

Its possible that you may even be forced cut your holiday short, or change your plans before you set off, perhaps from being injured in an accident (such as an oil tanker exploding nearby) so its good to remember that cruise travel insurance will compensate you if you have to cancel your holiday. In the case of Alex and Annie, despite being taken hostage and half-drowned, they were determined to finish their trip, and even got engaged before they reached shore. Showing heroic composure., they must have known their cruise insurance would save the day & night..

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